Coca-Cola Clothing Summer 2012

The Coca-Cola brand Catarina Clothing, AMC Têxil licensed group, released a preview with the first pictures of the Spring Summer 2012 campaign of the brand in their social networks. With the theme Chillout Coke tops Natalie Edenburg, Janaina Reis Marlon Teixeira and posed for Jacques Dequeker styling with the ones Kottman Eduardo and Gabriela Telles. Below, you will also provide video of the making off the campaign.
A Marca catarinense Coca-Cola Clothing, Licenciada do grupo AMC Têxil, divulgou com previsão hum como Primeiras fotos da Campanha Primavera Verão 2012 da Marca los SUAS Redes Sociais. Com o Tema Chillout Coca-Cola, OS Natalie Edenburg tops, Janaína Reis e Marlon Teixeira posaram Jacques Dequeker parágrafo styling com Eduardo dos Queridos Kottman e Gabriela Telles. Abaixo, Voces also conferem o vídeo do making off da Campanha.


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